Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol

What is Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are big overseas but not so well known yet to New Zealand as well as we may know our essential oils. The word hydrosol is derived from a combination of two words “hydro” meaning water and “sol” meaning solution.

Hydrosol is an important co-product which is produced as a result of producing an essential oil.

Firstly, we need to point out there are “fake” hydrosol’s on the market claiming to be a true hydrosol. What is meant by fake is that they can sometimes be normal water with some drops of essential oil added, or they can be a water which has had the plant matter infused into it. Many hydrosol’s will also have preservatives added to extend their life and to facilitate the producer being able to store them on the shelf as oppose to the fridge where they should be kept. None of those are a true and authentic hydrosol.


A true hydrosol is the water-soluble constituents from the plant material used during the distillation process. In our case this is Kanuka. The Kanuka used in the distillation imparts the hydrosol with all of the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant. The distillation process transforms fresh natural nutrient-rich plant material into a "tonic" water that contains the water-soluble therapeutic properties of the plant that are not present in the essential oil. It can be used safely with no dilution and is 100% safe for babies, children and even animals!

The scent of the hydrosol is similar to its essential oil, but much more soft and subtle. Hydrosol’s can be found in day spa’s as a therapeutic soak or bath. They are also used in the production of soaps and beauty products because they hold so many therapeutic properties and they are water based therefore, they mix well with other ingredients used during manufacturing.

Royal Oils Kanuka Hydrosol

Water Based Hand Sanitiser

Our natural therapeutic Hydrosol is collected through artisan steam distillation of New Zealand’s finest Kanuka plant.

This Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol is unadulterated, fresh. Natural and authentic. It contains the water soluble Kanuka properties that are not found in the oil.

This Hydrosol is so gentle it is completely safe for babies, children and even animals!

Royal oils Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, deodorising and sanitising. It contains no preservatives just pure Hydrosol.

How To Use

Your Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol can be used for;

  • Sanitising hands or feet, great if you’re a massage therapist
  • Sanitising surfaces, great for wiping down baby equipment
  • Spray onto your linen for a natural sleep aid
  • A refreshing facial spritzer, great for the warm summer, menopausal women or those who travel abroad
  • A fantastic natural skin toner
  • Helps soothe a variety of skin issues; dry, itchy, eczema, acne and mild sunburn.
  • Clean out cuts and grazes
  • Freshen furniture, linen, shoes or pet bedding
  • Deodorising your home to create a calm ambiance
  • Can be added to bath water for a therapeutic bath

Storage & Blooms

A genuine hydrosol like ours, does not contain any preservatives. For this reason, the life of your hydrosol depends on you. Your hydrosol should be stored in the fridge and you should try not to take the top on and off too much or place any foreign objects (including fingers) into the bottle. When we prepare and bottle the hydrosol everything is meticulously sterilised.

Blooms inside the bottle are something to look out for. A hydrosol should be clear. Your Royal Oils Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol is inside a clear – but frosted – glass bottle to allow the light in. This is so you can periodically check your hydrosol for blooms. You will need to remove the spray top to look inside the bottle.

A bloom indicates a bacterial contamination to the hydrosol. The bloom itself will look like a cloudy substance, it can settle towards the bottom of the bottle. It looks a bit like the “mother” you see in natural raw vinegar. If a bloom appears or the scent goes off and you suspect your hydrosol has gone bad you should discontinue use. The good news is that is makes for a great scented drain rinse.