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A natural healer with powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-spasmodic properties.

The Science of Scent

Read about the wonderful world of A-Pinene, the main component in Royal Oils Kanuka Oil.

Health Benefits & Usage Tips

Learn more about the health benefits and tips on how use your Royal Oil Kanuka Oil.

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Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol

Water Based Hand Sanitiser

This natural therapeutic spritzer is collected through artisan steam distillation of New Zealand’s finest Kanuka plant.

This Genuine Royal Oils Hydrosol is unadulterated, fresh, natural & authentic. It contains water soluble Kanuka properties that are not found in the oil.

This hydrosol is so gentle it is completely safe for babies, infants and animals.

Royal Oils Genuine Kanuka Hydrosol is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inammatory, deodorising and sanitising. It can be sprayed as a refreshing therapeutic spritzer, sanitise hands and surfaces, clean out cuts and grazes, soothe skin conditions and so much more!


Kanuka? – isn’t it just the same as Tea Tree and Manuka?

The answer is a definite NO. They may all be from the same family, namingly the Myrtaceae family, however, Kanuka has exceptional properties unknown to many people which you will not find in Manuka or Tea Tree.

💪Kanuka is stronger and more effective then Tea Tree and Manuka!!

The use of Kanuka for medicinal purposes dates right back to ancient Maori and early settlers in New Zealand.

Research around Kanuka and its health benefits give us multitudes of uses for the plant and its extract, much of which, you will not get from Manuka nor Tea Tree. 

If you were to look at the label on other Kanuka Oil bottles, it will give you a very simplistic health benefit or use. The bottle might say “use on sore muscles” or “inhale for colds”. The Kanuka oil is capable of so much more. Kanuka Oil covers off the job of many oils. Kanuka oil is so beneficial to have around that you should even carry it in your first aid kit.



“Used the Kanuka Oil to rid myself of a case of athletes foot – worked like a dream and fast” – Lachlan

“I pushed my body too far running early 2019, my muscles screamed at me for it and I was in agony! I rubbed the oil into my tired painful legs and back and the relief was amazing. I’ve used it for my sports ever since. Quite nice to forget how old you are” – Amanda

“My two teenagers are at prime pimple age and feeling really self conscious. They dab the Kanuka Oil onto their spots at the first sign of a breakout. They both have a clear complexion now and we cant go away anywhere without the bottle” – Karen

“Its just great around the house (the Kanuka Oil), especially with kids, they’re always tumbling over and just to make sure they don’t end up getting infection through any open skin I’ll either dab some on a plaster or add it to their bath” – Sarah

“I add a few drops to my babies bath especially if he’s congested, it really helps clear his airways. Goes beautifully in the diffuser at home as well” – Kahu

“The wife had me put this on my cold sores, works just as well if not faster than what you can find on a chemist shelf. I wasn’t expecting it!” – John

Purchased this amazing stuff as hand sanitizer wasnt available in stores with virus outbreak. So glad I did! I have a bottle at home for my family and to sanitise my baby's toys/equipment. Also a bottle at hair salon for my clients hands and work station. Ideal 😁 highly recommend for peace of mind! - Genna

Awesome product, fast delivery also!! - Chony

This oil and staff are great, aroma is just outstanding, take my hat off to them. - Dave